About Us

Almond Arboriculture is a local business, family-owned and operated since 2020. Our knowledge of the local community extends to every yard we work in as we help homeowners make educated decisions about the best trees and shrubs to grow in our area and climate.

Some tree care services are quick to remove a problematic plant or tree without getting to the “root” of the problem. Almond Arboriculture believes that making educated decisions involves diagnosing, treating and maintaining plants over the long-term. Our professionals are experts in local arboriculture, and we seek to preserve trees and shrubs whenever possible. We also develop maintenance plans that allow your trees and landscape to thrive under our systematic, thorough care.

We Offer:

Tree Selection & Planting


Tree Removal & Stump Grinding

Deep Root Feeding & Fertilization

Landscape Projects & Mulching

Tree Care for Life